Join us & Support us!

If you want to support our cause and help us make a difference, it's really easy:

Donation through bank transfer:

Here are our bank details, so that you can donate through bank transfer directly. You can do so manually or you can programme recurring and regular transfers from your bank:

  • Bank: Banco Santander
  • IBAN: ES35 0049 6103 9022 1610 8081
  • Subject: Donation + your name

IF the collaborator/donor wishes it, their donation can go towards specific needs, such as the purchase of the plot of land, construction of bathrooms or a classroom, etc. In that case, we kindly ask you to point this out in the transfer's Subject .


In order to get a tax break from your donations, any Association registered in Spain must be considered of"Public Use", and for this to happen, the NGO must operate for 2 years before it can apply for this qualification.

In AfricaNguvu's case, we will be able to apply for this in  August 2020.

 Tax breaks for donors as of August 2020:

  • Until 150€ annual donation, 75% deduction from IRPF.
  • Beyond 150€ annual donation, 30% break in IRPF.
  • Donating companies: companies will be able to deduct from the IS
    all the way up to 35% of their donations.
  • In order to inform the spanish Tax Agency of the amount of your donations, it's important you provide us with your full name, your NIF/NIE, your residence address and the periodicity of your donations.