AfricaNguvu Team

Joan Franquesa

June 21st 1961
I studied secondary school in LaSalle Condal in Barcelona, and later vocational training in the Escuelas Salesianas of Sarrià.

Empecé mi afición por viajar con 34 años y he tenido la oportunidad de visitar Marruecos, Mauritania, Manaos (Brasil Amazónico) y Kenia. En este último país estuve haciendo un voluntariado durante un año trabajando en Kibera, un barrio de chabolas situado en la capital Nairobi y  también prestando ayuda en un orfanato y en un colegio con discapacitados.

My profesional life has been intense, mainly in the building sector, where I worked until the big financial crisis of 2008, where I got laid off. At 49 years old and in that industry it was quite hard to find a new job, so I decided to go on a spiritual retreat for almost a year in the Santuario del Lord (Catalan pyrinees). That is where I decided to refocus my life and dedicate myself to helping others in need.

Nacho Verde

October 20th 1988
I studied in the Instituto Véritas of Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid) and later Business Management at the UCM in Madrid.

Already from a very young age, I was very interested in the situation of the African continent. After finishing my studies, I tried to combine work with travelling, spending a year in the UK working and learning english. Later I worked for 2 years in UNHCR's ACNUR, during which I also travelled to Southeast Asia for 3 months.

Towards the end of 2016, I went to Kenya for 6 months to work as a volunteer in Kibera. That's when I was finally able to see and understand the harsh reality of the situation in Africa, and where and when the idea for AfricaNguvu was born.

Miguel Fenollosa

January 19th 1989
Raised in different cities and countries around Europe, I grew up with a big hunger to see all the corners of the world.

In February of 2017, after having lived in Austria for 4 years, I travelled to Kenya for 2 months to help out in a recycling project called Kleanbera Recycling. This is when I met Nacho and Joan, with whom we thought there could be better ways to help the kenyan community.

Now, back in Spain, I still feel Kenya's calling, its beauty and, above all else, its people, some of whom I consider brothers, and all of whom I would like to keep helping as much as possible.

Alexander Nesta

December 27th 1978
Born and raised in Kibera, I am the 3rd son of family of 8. As my family could not pay for school fees, I had to leave school at a very young age.

Due to the difficulties of growing up in a shanty town such as Kibera, I soon fell into a life of crime on the streets. In 2005 I rehabilitated and realised what I wanted to do with my life: help out all those people in need in my community, to try and improve their lives. I started collaborating as a volunteer in an american NGO in Kibera, leading a recycling and composting project.

In 2014 I created a local SACCO for a spanish NGO and became the director of a local recycling project, where I would later meet my friends Joan, Nacho and Miguel.

I have now been living in Kisumu for a while, helping at the Trusted Nursery and Day Care Center, founded a few years back by my wife Christine and my sister-in-law Elizabeth and whose aim is to help the children of Nyaleda, Kisumu. My aim is to help these children so they can be the leaders of tomorrow.

Elizabeth Akinyi Omondi

February 28th 1978
My name is Elizabeth Akinyi Omondi. I was born on February 28th, 1978 in a very humble home.

I went to primary school from 1985 to 1992, then to secondary school and eventually trained as an ECDE teacher. Before working at Trusted School, I spent 8 years working at the GS Academy. Since then, I've been working at the school which today we are trying to support through AfricaNguvu.

Christine Ndalila Namalome

July 25th 1979
I was born in a big family, as the 9th out of 11 children.

From a very humble origin, I went to school from 1985 to 1994. When I was in secondary school, I was unable to finish my studies because, after my father's death when I was only 11, my mother could no longer afford to pay for tuition fees.

Later on, I was able to train in Nairobi, where I eventually got my Caregiver certificate. Before joining the Trusted School, I worked at Kabete Children's Home in Nairobi for 4 years. In 2005, I moved to Kisumu to work at New Life Home Trust as a caregiver. After 12 years working there, I decided to join the Trusted School together with Elizabeth and Nesta, where I am working today.