About the project

About the Project

Our project started in 2018, and started gaining traction in 2019. It is a long-term project, with planning and established objectives all the way until and beyond 2024

Trusted School is a small school outside of Kisumu (Kenya), a port city on the shores of Lake Victoria. The school is located in the slum of Nyalenda.

A big part of Kisumu's population lives off small businesses, as well as fishing, due to its closeness to Lake Victoria. More than half of Kisumu's inhabitants lives under the poverty threshold, and many have difficulties in accessing (clean) drinking water.

AfricaNguvu's Objectives

AfricaNguvu's mission is to contribute to the improvement of the conditions in which the children of the slum of Nyalenda receive their education, improve their nutrition and provide resources and qualifications to the teachers, as well as provide a home to orphaned children, and help integrate disabled children. Self sustainability is essential to our project, which is why we aim to achieve this thanks to the income coming from the local social businesses we will invest in, in parallel.

Strategic objectives 2020 - 2024:

  • Buy a new plot of land, where we will rebuild the school in order to provide education from ECDE all the way to College level. We will also build and orphanage in this plot.
  • Create a balanced nutrition programme for the school childre. For this, we count on the support of an expert nutritionist from Spain.
  • Train the school teachers, so that they can provide high quality education. We will also bring in volunteers to help the teachers.
  • Integration programme for children with disabilities.
  • Improve the school staff salaries and quality of life.
  • Achieve full self-sustainability for the school.
  • College grants: give out College grants to the children who finish secondary school, so they may go on to College.

What have we achieved so far?

Steps the NGO has taken since its creation:

  • Our NGO is fully registered in both Spain and Kenya.
  • We have a website and a presence in Social Media, through Facebook and Instagram.
  • We've bought 3 tuktuks and put them to work as transport vehicles, achieving an income of 1000 shillings per day.
  • Hemos patrocinado a un equipo de fútbol de Kibera (Nairobi).
  • Support for the school:
    • Improve the children's nutrition
    • Improvement of installations. We've built a new kitchen, divided the classes, rebuilt the floors and ceilings, etc.
    • Teacher formation.
    • Payment of the yearly school license fee.
    • Annual school field trip for the children: to the swimming pool, to the Zoo, etc.
    • Annual graduation ceremony for the children who finish ECDE.
    • Purchase of school material: books, pens and papers, etc.